>O tannenbaum!


So, Sunday was the big Christmas tree expedition.  My husband, otherwise known as Coffeedoc, is a bit of a maniac about some things.  So he has decided that it is not properly Christmas without an “over the river and through the woods” sort of experience…to cut the tree.

See that snow? That’s because in order to CUT (not buy, he doesn’t want them precut in November because he is also a maniac about keeping that tree up until epiphany – or beyond) the tree that I like (Frasier Fir), he has to drive over three hours.  Now, before you go and think I am a completely outrageous diva for demanding this…let me clarify.  I NEVER ASKED him to schlep drive so far for a tree.  I am, always, just happy to have a tree, any tree (though preferably not pine….oops, a diva slippage)

Anyhow, it is becoming something of a new tradition and I kind of like it.  But then again, I get to stay home and wrap presents and hang out with Miss M and Gabey Baby.  A very lovely relaxing day for us.  And while there IS a certain level of grouchiness as they all set out on the expedition, ahem, it makes for a good snowball fight once they are there.

It was Marta’s first time with snow,  and snowballs.  It was cold, fun, exhausting…and they came home with a pretty tree.  So, now, it’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas!