>Sleep Tight

>Warning: Gratuitous Mom Gush Below

What IS it about sleeping babies and kids that makes us all go “awwww?”

Why is it that having a picture of your little one asleep across the world so important to have?

I don’t know.

But man, I love having a picture or two of my big baby boy sleeping like an angel.
{Tempting to make the allusion to his namesake now….but I’ll let you do that!}

Awww. They’re so sweet when they are sleeping!

And big thanks to all the traveling families for their generous time and pictures of our sweet boy. Photos above by the amazing Andrea.

3 thoughts on “>Sleep Tight

  1. >How sweet your little one is! I just found your blog through the Catholic Mothers Online blogroll. We have six kids (2 from Ethiopia) and are in the process to adopt again. We actually had someone ask us if “we were trying to do that again”; at which point my husband replied, “No, we weren’t using our adoption birth control at the time and it just happened…” I look forward to reading more of your story!God Bless,Jane


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