>Remembering a servant of God

>Today is the third anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II.

In many realms, he was controversial, but we loved him. He was an amazing man and our spiritual father, Il Papa. He was truly a servant of God, or, as one of every pope’s titles: “Servant of servants.”

John Paul II loved children and youth. He was a vibrant and active young man and he started World Youth Day, bringing the world’s youth together for events to confirm their faith and to send them out to the world to be “salt and light” – to live their faith and serve others so that Christ could be brought to the world, through them (us).

John Paul II served until he could do no more, even sick and suffering, on display and in the humiliation of incapacitating illness and progressive disease. He kept going. He was a great example of perseverance and fortitude and faith, and joy even in suffering.

Some might think it is a reach, but as a catholic mom, I think of him. I can look to him as a role model of perseverance in faith and joy. Even when the next step is unknown or unsure: should we adopt? what child will we be referred? when is court? will he pass? when will we travel? will I be a good mom to this small boy?

This week, as I am moody and stew as I wait (I am SO bad at waiting), I swing my mind between excitement and wonder and worried and fearful. But “be not afraid.” It is in the bible (over 300 times). JPII said it in his speeches, as a father says it to his children. So. I’m trying. And on this anniversary of his death, I will remember, harder, that we are sent. We are sent out to serve. And I will try hard to ‘be not afraid’ and to persevere in the wait and be ready to serve, all my family, whoever God brings me and when. JPII, pray for us, pray for my little guy over in Ethiopia.