>The BEST kind of surprise!!!!!


Introducing our new son!!
Gabriel Louis Tariku

Wonderful Natalie called today with a surprise for us! We were supposed to have our court date tomorrow but they ended up having it today (somehow a date-translation thing).

And we passed!!

The Ethiopian courts approved us to love and care for and raise this little toddler – for us to be family. We are surprised and thrilled and grateful and kind of swapping between laughing and crying with joy.

{ IMHO, I think God took pity on me, I have been a edgy mess this week, and in fact had just returned from stopping in at the adoration chapel to pray and rest in His presence. And as I pulled into my driveway, Natalie called: “unknown.” My heart started racing, no way, no way! and then she said “I have a happy surprise for you!” My heart missed a beat and I think I held my breath. And then she told me. And I cried. And laughed. Thanks be to God!!}

The first picture is his referral picture at about 12.5 months (though he was 14 months at referral) and now he is 15 months. And getting bigger, as you can see! But this family, and this mom, are now just twitching to go get that boy in our arms!!! God is good, all the time!! Hooray!

And yes, that’s the real name, with family connections and his given name is Tariku. No nickname…yet!