>More Racers – Paperchasers!!!!


These two pics are of

Farmboy and Buttercup.

And we hold a special spot in our heart for this family, and this couple. They of the big hearts and beautiful family.

They held our sweet Tariku, when we were far from him. They cuddled him and reassured me; as I fretted and worried half a world away.

And now, with overflowing joy I get to direct you to their blog for their big announcement!

They’ve been wrestling with big decisions too. And now they have come to it! It’s a great thing and an amazing story of God’s own nudging; told oh so well by Farmboy. Go read.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad you did.

For me, selfishly, I am happy to have them as virtual companions on the road again! And ever grateful for their generosity and support! Exciting stuff. Go. See.

Make your day.

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