>Paperchase: what you forget


Ahh, the paperchase. Yep, still in it.
But for now it’s moving toward paperwait.
Soon, however, it will be paper-weight.

I forgot.

Ok, I guess it’s a little like giving birth in that you forget.
You forget the panting and puffing of getting paperwork done.
You forget the parts that are out of your control.
You forget the urge to just be able to call someone,
anyone, to help push things through;
email someone, do something!
I know, I know, it’s due diligence. It’s necessary for the process.
My head nods in comprehension.
But not my heart.

And of course – there is nothing to be done.
But wait.

So what’s a gal to do with all that frustration of goals met, papers notarized, sealed, delivered…and still nothing.
No visible progress?
So close and yet so far?
She eats! She stress snacks.
She craves all the bad stuff: chocolate, sugar, sour skittles, raspberry chantilly Peppridge Farm Cookies (and happily, they seem to be off the shelves as she can decimate a bag before getting home from the store! Best. Cookies. Ever)
And she makes killer apple pie when a wonderful patient delivers a box of apples from their own orchard. And eats it for breakfast, yum! (Hey, cut me some slack, I shared! Really!)
So yeah, I forgot. The paperchase, when you want it to be nothing but a paper RACE, is mostly a paperwait, paper-weight. So, before I have to buy a whole new wardrobe, I am hoping I can really finish and forget this once again. Sigh.

5 thoughts on “>Paperchase: what you forget

  1. >Ahhh stress eating – chocolate being my personal drug of choice! You know I’m hoping and praying for you and M that things start to move FAST very soon!!

  2. >Amen. You said it beautifully. i have never been good at waiting. Through adoption, I am learning to be better (not perfect). Good luck with the paper-wait.

  3. >I know what you mean about forgetting the ‘pain’ of paperwork. When we were in the middle of the paper chase, I thought..’we’re never doing this again!’ Now I’m thinking, we probably will! (I can’t believe I just said/typed that!)Give me some cheesecake!

  4. >I ate many a container of cool whip while waiting for my cis docs. Why Cool whip? I think it was the only sweet stuff in the house. Now I can hardly look at it! If I would have had that beautiful apple pie, it would have been bad. Really bad.Paperweight. Ugh.But soon it will be over, and the paper will be shipped off, and then we wait. We wait for the first meeting, the first smile, the first hug. That will be sweet.


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