>Feast Day: Feast of our Guardian Angels


Guardian Angel Icon by Ikonart.com

It’s another Feast day! I love Autumn!

Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.
For good solid stuff on the Guardian Angels, go here and here.

I hesitated to blog about this today, because this is one of those Catholic beliefs that can be misconstrued, and has. There has been a fad in the popular culture about angels and it has devolved too often into the kitschy ‘Hallmark’ cherub kind of angel, complete with squishy feelings and trite sentiment (not to sound too much like a curmudgeon, but I think you know what I mean). Or angels are shown as the kind of nauseating gauzy filmy pastel drawing of a blond angel in billowing robes and flowers. On the flip side however, if you do a google search on angels, specifically, Guardian Angels…well, it can get kind of creepy! I mean, like, you are walking the edge of the dark side. No kidding. When folks start talking about ‘channeling’ angels and having conversations with them and learning their names and so on…I say, run, run fast! That is just too borderline for me.

Permit me a short rant on this: I do believe a tiny handful of us have actually known and/or spoken with angels, (specifically: Mary, Abraham, Tobit (though, unaware)). However, I think that most of those who say they do, or have, might well be either psychotic or actually have spoken with angels, or spirits, but the wrong kind. Now you are probably writing me off as a nut case. But, stay with me.

We are taught that angels are true and real. We are also taught that there are angels of God and angels who chose against God. God’s angels can and do work in this world, but usually in the background and/or through our own conscience and the people around us. I think only those who have elevated to pretty lofty heights of holiness ever are given the grace of meeting an angel and knowing it. Mary was sinless, for Pete’s sake! Deigned to be chosen as Mother of God! She was holy enough to have an angel greet her with “Hail, Mary, full of grace.” Even then, she must have been frightened and flipped out. But, I know, that I hope to never meet with an angel in a concrete, physically discernible way. I am simply not holy enough and thus it would be maybe a temptation from the wrong team, so to type; not to mention it would scare me into a gibbering idiot. {I know, you’re thinking “already there.”} Rant over.

So, after all that, what’s up with Guardian Angels?
And do I believe in those?
You betcha!

Guardian Angels are such a fantastic gift from God himself. Talk about a Creator who thought of everything! Even someone to be with us our entire lives, who knows us better than anyone else, and is there for the express purpose of our best good. Not, and this is important, our greatest want/desire, but for our greatest good. Not to mention, who are smarter than us by leaps and bounds. Whew. What a relief! We need this so much. I do. And they are so polite about it too, nudging here, pestering there, saving when needed. I can point to a few times when I am absolutely sure that but for the intervention of my Guardian Angel, I would be dead or in dire straights. Most recently, on 65S, saved from a collision beside me before I even knew it and my adrenaline shot sky high. Thank you.

[So, now I have surely lost any reader I might have had left. But well, the little boys and myself are all sick with a muzzy thick head cold. So maybe I’m ranting a bit. But still, the thoughts are there and mine on this day and this subject.]

Thank you Guardian Angels! For watching over me and saving me from harm of all stripes, most usually myself. For watching over my children when they are near and especially when they are far from me. It’s a comfort. The best friends a gal can have, in so many ways…and ones so very taken for granted. So today, phone a friend, in honor of our best friends, the Guardian Angels.

Painting by Roxanne

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