>Feast Day: St. Theresa of the Child Jesus aka St. Therese of Lisieux

>So, today is the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux!

The novena finishes today and it’s been a nice quiet start, often early in the morning, to my days. Thinking about her and her ‘little way’ is a nice reminder to me as I prep to start the typically hectic days around here. The Deacon’s Bench speaks well about her and the constant call to conversion, here. And that is one of the important things for me about this saint: her constant reminder to struggle against our own self-ish selves. Mine. Me. That really, it’s NOT about me at all. It’s about everyone else.

From Deacon:
“Conversion isn’t a one-time event. It isn’t a moment. It is thousands of moments. It is a lifetime of moments.”
“Loving, and growing in love, is part of our lives as Catholic Christians – part of our own ongoing conversion in each. The effort is unceasing. “

Happily, I’ve been pestering her for prayers for another (ok a few) in this novena and I am sure she is praying for them too. And that is such a comfort to me and hopefully to those others who know they are specifically in this novena too.

Years ago at the National Shrine of St. Therese, near ChicagoSo today is her feast day, and I will remember her with her flower: roses. Happy Feast Day!


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