>The BEST kind of surprise!!!!!


Introducing our new son!!
Gabriel Louis Tariku

Wonderful Natalie called today with a surprise for us! We were supposed to have our court date tomorrow but they ended up having it today (somehow a date-translation thing).

And we passed!!

The Ethiopian courts approved us to love and care for and raise this little toddler – for us to be family. We are surprised and thrilled and grateful and kind of swapping between laughing and crying with joy.

{ IMHO, I think God took pity on me, I have been a edgy mess this week, and in fact had just returned from stopping in at the adoration chapel to pray and rest in His presence. And as I pulled into my driveway, Natalie called: “unknown.” My heart started racing, no way, no way! and then she said “I have a happy surprise for you!” My heart missed a beat and I think I held my breath. And then she told me. And I cried. And laughed. Thanks be to God!!}

The first picture is his referral picture at about 12.5 months (though he was 14 months at referral) and now he is 15 months. And getting bigger, as you can see! But this family, and this mom, are now just twitching to go get that boy in our arms!!! God is good, all the time!! Hooray!

And yes, that’s the real name, with family connections and his given name is Tariku. No nickname…yet!

17 thoughts on “>The BEST kind of surprise!!!!!

  1. >This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just gonna write you today saying you should really start packing, at least some of your stuff because it’s a huge job! Now you HAVE to start packing!!! Ha! So thrilled for this surprise news!!! Precious Tariku will be in his momma’s arms soon! Blessings~ Shelly

  2. >Congratulations!! As a Catholic mom just beginning the adoption process with Gladney, I have really enjoyed your blog. Your boy is adorable~God Bless Your Family, RyaneNY

  3. >CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hopefully we will be right on your heels and be traveling the week after. Maybe we will cross paths in Ethiopia. I don’t know how your domestic adoption went but ours was a breeze. I wish international was as easy! Blessings to you and your family! Pam

  4. >Mom, I feel kind of weird leaving a comment on your blog… but I have to say it was really cool to open it up and see pictures and his name and everything, especially after all of that stuff you said about how we absolutely couldn’t write anything about it online anywhere until it was final. And then I opened it up, and there he was!Also, I just want you to know that I had to seriously sit and think for a minute about what IMHO means. You and your hip web lingo abbreviations…

  5. >What the heck is wrong with me? I’m just now making the connection that Tariku is *your* boy (though we’d emailed before). Little slow on the take, I am. It was so fun meeting him: what a gorgeous and expressive face he has, and such a sweetie. Really! I’m so happy for you guys and know you’re going to love meeting him 🙂

  6. >Congratulations!What a handsome boy! He will fit right into your family! Yes, God is good. He has given us one boy through adoption, and one girl through birth. Praise the Lord!Colleen S.


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