>Countdown: Two. Two days to Court

Two Days.
Two boys (goofing around on Christmas break).

Did I say two days? Counting down for us and the Silvestri’s, Family in Flux, and the Thornegroms…and everyone else who has court this Thursday and week (but those are the ones with our family agency, Gladney).

Sigh. Two more days…..

>Coming to America


The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!

Yes, it’s exciting. He is arriving today and has a very busy week. On Thursday he is saying mass in D.C. at Nationals Park. That’s our court day, I’m just saying…very auspicious.

Ok, just like with Pope John Paul II, some people like him and some don’t. However, we love him and he is the head of our church, the servant of servants. He is brilliant and humble and he may not have the ‘rock star’ status and appeal of JPII but he has a quiet integrity and beautiful writings. We are very happy to have him here in America. For catholics, this is a thrill and for others, well, he is a world figure and it’s historic, regardless.

Vive Il Papa! Find out more here.
Above is a picture from World Youth Day three years ago in Cologne, Germany. My husband and two oldest boys were able to attend and it was AWESOME!


Three, three, three…sing a song of three. How many is three?

(Ok, for you youngsters out there, I have just totally aged myself! And if you are roundabouts MY age, you will have the echo of that song in your memory and it will be a blast from the past. You’re welcome.)

Anyhow, three girls, happy daughters from a trip years ago. Three days counting down. Three days for three other families too: the Silvestri Family, Family in Flux, and the Thornegroms.

All prayers happily and gratefully accepted for a pass on court on Thursday. I will have that Sesame Street song playing all week, I fear!