>Best kind of gift!


Well, we had the best kind of surprise and now we have the best kind of gift!
A new picture of our little boy, sent by the wonderful Andrea!

All three families in country right now, to pick up their dear new little ones, have generously offered to help us out. How great is that?? The amazing Albertson’s took a package for us of pictures and snuggly things for our guy, Buttercup was wonderful enough to HOLD him for an HOUR and send me word he is doing well, and now Andrea has generously mailed the best pic we have yet of our sweet boy. Plus my blog buddy Shelly is taking him a new outfit and cuddles from us as well. Wow.

This photo makes me just twitchy to go and scoop him up!

I want to say how cool it is that through a blog, of all things, I have virtually met so many nice people and amazing families! And now they are involved with us in a very real, concrete, not virtual way at all. And not in a creepy way, but in a wow sort of way. They have taken time out of their own special wonderful trip, rare once in a lifetime experience, to remember us and to show caring for this little boy. It is a beautiful thing. We are terribly grateful. We are totally ready and willing to pass this favor forward, to all of you other families in process! So, my take on this whole blog thing is that yes, you have to be careful, but oh it can be so cool.

And, IMHO, Gladney families are awesome!!!

Blogging has been and might be light for a bit as we scramble to finalize crazy travel arrangements and tackle the mountain of “to do list” things.

1 thought on “>Best kind of gift!

  1. >Oh my goodness! … what a PRECIOUS photo. Look at his hair!, it’s really growing. And it looks like he’s such a cuddler!! How fun that will be! Now just another week or so and you can see him in the sweet clothes you sent! 🙂 Take Care~ Shelly


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