>Eyes to see


Thank Heavens, literally, for these Gladney families!
They are so generous and caring and good. They help this mom bear the wait.
They take packages.
They take pictures.
They hug our boy and hold him.
They see him with their own eyes, in person.

They let us see him through their eyes as mom and dad. Maybe he gets an inkling that there is a mom and dad who are waiting for him and twitching to go hold him too.
They stand in for us and we are so grateful.

So these are some of the new pics from the group of families who are now recovering from jet lag, and settling in to knit their new families together. We are so happy for them all: Buttercup (in pink, holding my little guy) and Farmboy (tall, Tariku in arms), the Albertsons, and the Schumachers. They have all generously helped us and we think they are awesome!!

We will pass this favor on, just let us know!!

So, while it’s not the same as being there…these photos help us try to memorize his face and expressions: happy, grumpy, sleepy, all of them.
They help our hearts dream.

They are our eyes, to see.

2 thoughts on “>Eyes to see

  1. >OK, I’m crying. He’s sbsolutely beautiful and I love all of his expressions. Chris and I feel so fortunate that you will be our eyes, and you can give our little guy a hug for us. Thank-you! 🙂

  2. >What great pictures! I love the different expressions that were captured. I know you will be anxious to discover and revel in the personality behind those looks.Rebecca


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