>Happy Bday Dad!


Happy Birthday to my Dad!

He is 78 years old today!

I think it’s kind of special to have a birthday on New Year’s Eve.
And it has made the day special to me, forever…because it’s just my dad’s day.
I love my dad.

He is generous and loves fiercely but quietly.
He is my riding buddy, we rode all over the desert and discussed both the family and the world’s issues.
I think we solved them all…most of them at any rate.
He taught me about endurance…in running (he has completed many marathons and even multiple ultra-marathons) and life in general.
My dad is all about perseverance.
I got that from him.
Thank goodness!

He has my, or I have his, sugar tooth.
And the same diabetes, bummer.
We both love coffee, good strong coffee.
We both love mexican food and horses.
He is opinionated.
He is loyal, utterly.
His family is first, in everything.
He loves to read and to fall asleep early.
He is an early bird.
I would say I am much like him in all these traits…
But Dad is also meticulous, methodical, and all about order.
So, that is clearly where we diverge!

But I miss him today, well most days,
but I wish I could hug him in person, today,
and share a cup of coffee over the paper.
And yeah, I’m making tamales – his favorite – and the tradition for today.
I love you Dad!
Happy Happy Birthday!

1 thought on “>Happy Bday Dad!

  1. >What a beautiful post!!We have been on Gladney's waitlist for almost 13 months. Hoping that we are close to a referral for preschool age siblings any day now. I don't know if I've ever commented on you blog before but I follow you regularly and thank you for sharing so much.Happy Birthday to your Dad and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!Heidi


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