>Winding down from warp speed

>It’s Friday.

Let’s say that one more time, it’s FRIDAY and I am hoping that means that this week is really done.  Finished. Close the cover on this week.  Because it’s been a slamming crazy kind of week, with no time to even wait for coffee to perk, much less slow down to catch a breath.  Even by our kind of unusually intensive standards, well, it’s been a HECTIC week!

I caught this as I passed by the study, Chris just threw this online, and I am linking to it.  Because this slows me down.  In the right sort of way, in the take a deep breath and stop, slow, listen.  Breathe.  That’s my boy singing, by Buddbug, my Chris. He’s singing in Rome, at the Lateran Basilica.  How cool is that? (I know, mom moment, so sue me. I am missing him and his calm kind ways.)

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fsearch244%2Fsanctus-lateran-massSanctus – Lateran Massbysearch244

So, I’m offering it to any of you who’ve had a harried week, one of the weeks where you fantasize about hopping the next plane to Bermuda and getting lost in that legendary magnetic blind spot.  I hear they serve strawberry coladas there though……so it might still be a consideration….but for now, a little peace and reminder. More at the link, go, listen. Breathe again. 

Happy Friday!

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