>The whisper in lonely

>Well, maybe it’s because I’m kinda missing my boys today.  But I read this on my Buddybug’s blog and I’m linking to it. It’s lovely.  Worth a click.
And even better, I think it’s true.

I remember telling Chris this a long time ago, and I forgot (ack) to tell Jon this, as he forges new friendships in a new place and also has to endure a bit of the lonesome that comes with that process.

What I mean is that sometimes, I truly believe, that when we feel a little lonely, lonesome, and get that soft ache deep in our chest and  heart, I think it’s not only missing the friend(s) or missing the family…

Sometimes I think, I believe, it is God himself calling his own back to himself.  Us.  It’s God’s whispering at us to come back to him, go, visit, talk, pray, connect, love.  It’s the deepest aching craving of all and one that we all too often smother over with um, anything and everything; from food to noise to drink to business to texting.  I think we do all that sometimes to drown out that clanging din of whispering aching lonely…..for God himself.

Thus, the best answer to that lonesome is prayer.  And I guess I needed that reminder today even more than I needed to remember to remind my JonJon.  Thanks Buddybug for reminding me.

Go see.  Remember.


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