>Servant of Servants


Drawing by Matt Alderman, a fellow “Domer.”  
His pen and ink work is always fantastic.

It’s the feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great!
Or, as we know him around our house: St. Gregory, Chris’ patron.
We hit him up for prayers, ok, I hit him up for prayers for my eldest son quite often.
By which I mean, I’m a dreadful nudge about it all.  But he is a faithful patron, and I am grateful for his prayers for my son.

It’s the feast day of Pope St. Gregory the Great.

 I don’t remember all of Buddybug’s reasons for choosing St. Gregory the Great as his patron. But I suspect that his love of music was one of the links. St. Gregory promoted sacred music, now known to us as, duh: “Gregorian Chant.” And Buddybug (and his mom and dad) love Gregorian Chant. So, no surprise there.

St. Gregory is one of the few who have “the Great” attached to their name, and is also a doctor of the Church (meaning a great teacher). He sent missionaries into England and Ireland, and then Germany – spreading the hope and faith throughout Europe. He was highly educated and founded seven monasteries. Eventually he even was elected Pope. As Pope, he tirelessly worked in service for the Church.  Indeed, he is the one who so aptly coined the most appropriate and under-used title for the Pope: “Servant of the servants of God.”

I always just mostly think of my son when I think of St. Gregory the Great. And another little but extra pleasing link for me: St. Gregory’s mother was St. Silvia. My mother’s first name is Sylvia (hence, Buddybug’s grandma is Silvia). I know, teensy nothings, but yet, they make me smile. And since this saint and my boy are connected in my daily prayers, they are kind of supernaturally and eternally connected I think too (and certainly are in my head).

So, I thank St. Gregory for his prayers for my boy.
And I wish him and my Buddybug:

Happy Feast Day!!
St. Gregory the Great, pray for us!


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