>Fall? Really? What’s for supper?

>I have less time to blog and surf nowadays (the net….cmon…)
But every now and then I need some inspiration for the relentless question in this house:

“What’s for dinner?”

So, I pass by my many cookbooks and go to the uber hip and happening ‘net to find some cutting edge inspiration, especially on Fridays (which in this house, are usually meatless).

And so, this is just to kind of note that right now, all over the web, we’ve got all those lovely cozy inspiring “fall” stews and ragus and braises and whatnot.

Except for that it is STILL in the mid to high 90’s here and if I could skip cooking entirely until it dips into the 70’s or, even better, the 60’s…well, I would.
My garden is long dead from neglect in the searing heat…
My inspiration to make healthy summer type fare was left in Italy for the most part….

And I’m whining a bit today I guess because I need to figure out a no meat simple easy quick simply tasty simple (did I mention I got very little sleep last night due to a wakeful fussy Gabey and a croupy Em?) supper for dinner tonight.
Not the soup’s I love so much, because it’s not autumn yet here, despite what the calendar says and what the web is cooking…too hot for soups.

Nope….I need some ideas.
So, if anybody is out there…..take pity.
It’s still smothering hot here.
But a mom has to make something easy and kid crowd pleasing and meat free and easy for supper.
And it’s NOT autumn yet…it’s kinda summer, kinda not….and my creative brain is sizzled with the heat….

Little help?
What’s cooking, meatless and easy, at your house?