>Pondering the season: Music

>I have much pondering in my  heart this season.
But now and again, I hear this song on the radio and it pulls me from the core.
This song is Christmas and Advent for me; especially when it is played on our piano in the living room by my eldest, Chris.

Music is so evocative, especially in this rich season.
This one brings back memories of the Snoopy Christmas Special as a kid {yes, I did just date myself again, and yes we did wait ALL YEAR to see those specials}.
But it also conjures up many memories of my family here in our home over these years.
Now I know what Christmas songs my kids, especially Little Man, like (because he sings it loud and often…and lets just say, I’ll let you guess which one is top o’ the charts: involving jingles and a fat man smelling).
What Christmas songs are “IT” for you?

2 thoughts on “>Pondering the season: Music

  1. >Oh, I love that song now because Manny loves it so. My favorite Christmas song is Oh Holy Night. I love that phrase: Fall on your knees! I also love I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa, so sweet.

  2. >I love both of those songs too, and hearing all that Vince Guaraldi from our own piano is something that I do –and will miss, terribly. For me, the greatest line in O Holy Night is in the midst of the first verse: "Long lay the world in sin and error pining, til He appear'd and the soul felt its worth." Few lines capture for me the sublime enormity of the incarnation and the lengths to which one would go for the sake of love.


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