>Moms Rock!!

>I dare you….I dare you to step outside the comfort zone and do this.
Yup, that’s an open challenge.

Now, you can read the details, here. The short version is this, spend fifteen minutes a day rocking your child who has that special need.  Ok, I know, they all do.  But you also know as well as I do, that some of your kids have much more intense needs and hurts.  Those are the ones I’m talking about.  If you have a big ol’ covered porch with a rocking chair, all the better.  If not, a big sofa or big chair, a rocking chair, a swivel chair, whatever.  It’s the snuggle closeness of focused time, not even needing to talk or DO anything.  It’s just rocking, sitting, close together.   Everything else is gravy.

After reading the details, you may snort and snuff and say, perhaps, “Psshaww! That’s nuthin! Piece of cake!”  Well, I hope so.  That would be great for you!  But for those of us parenting kids from hard places or with special needs…this challenge can be a huge, um, challenge!  And the idea of taking it on is, frankly, to me, kinda daunting.  {Why yes, I really am that selfish, thanks.  Sorry but true}.  

Pablo Picasso, “The Rocking Chair.”

Because doing this is an act of will.
I must carve out the time to do it, and that means I have to steal it from some of the precious spare time in a day.  Though, I strongly suspect it’s much akin to Mother Teresa’s take on things, to paraphrase: “You should spend half an hour a day in adoration and prayer, talking with Jesus….If you are very busy, you should spend an hour.”
Yup. Counterintuitive, all the way.
It works with prayer and just the same it works with therapeutic parenting.  If you take the time and invest in your kid who needs that extra time and focus, you actually shorten time (on the good days) that  you spend putting out fires.  Meaning, you are investing in healing them.  Which pays off in their coping better.  Which pays off in their happiness.  Which pays of in yours…you see how this plays…..

So, to that end, I’m in.
I’m stepping up, or, er, sitting down for the challenge.
Because I rock.
That’s right.
I said it.
I rock.

And you can too.
I bet you’ll be glad you did.
Go here, to join up.
See ya on the porch!