>Hey Booboo! It’s your Birthday!


 It’s my Jon’s Birthday today!!!!
He is 19!

See that cute little guy standing with me in the London underground, above?  That sweet little boy is now a big strapping college boy, standing well over me in height and strength and size.
Because he’s 19 now.
Wow. I could say “wow” nineteen times, and I’d still not be done saying it.
But that he is: 19.
My Booboo. 

Gone are the days of the goofy skateboard cakes and homemade rockets (well, mostly, anyhow…).

 Now we have the days of college classes and games and girlfriend; visits home and dreams of future.

It’s his first birthday away from home, which is making me miss him quite a lot.  But today, on his 19th bday, I want to point out some things about my Booboo.  Because, it’s his bday and I wish he was here and it’s what I do, to make him smile and squirm a little bit too, just like old times!

So, here’s what I know about my dear Jon:

He is a loyal steadfast son, brother, friend, first, foremost always.
I love that about him.

He has a huge generous kind heart; only rarely (now that he’s 19) enclosed or limited by modern teen pastimes.
Though he still will leap at any chance to jam with music buddies and play late into the night…
…or to try out a big adventure or thrill seeking opportunity.
He is athletic and, again, a daredevil, which used to make this mom a little nervous and by this time, now has me mostly resigned to it.
Despite his love for snowboarding, he kinda hates the cold.

He loves home but also loves to travel the world, unless it’s cold, and  has done a fair bit of it, more than me!

He always has, and probably always will, have plans to do big things, make his way, on his own.
To say he is independent is an understatement.

 That is one of this strengths, even when it makes us all crazy.
I am absolutely certain that he will reach his goals, no matter how big…

because he has the drive, determination, work ethic, faith and ability to do it.
No matter what.

Despite that determination, he can be melancholy and philosophical.
Which is also a strength,
and one which will have staying power over the long run.
Because his heart is big, and that very melancholy is a yearning that will call him to great things.
He just doesn’t know it yet….
But I see it.
I know it.

He is a dreamer.
He is an eater.
Especially of sandwiches.
Of those, he is a connoisseur!
They are, perhaps, his favorite thing to eat of all.
Unless possibly it is my homemade bread…but it’s a close close race.

He is enjoying the freedom of college to try out new things:
facial hair,
no uniform restrictions,
or haircut or laundry guidelines.
Even so, he still cleans up nicely when he puts his mind to it,
which is a great relief  always a lovely thing!

 He is a sleeper, extraordinaire!
My best sleeper of all the kids, as a matter of fact.
He won that crown when he slept through the night at four weeks old.
He is still sleeping every chance he gets.
This ability might be put to good use, depending on  his career path.
But let’s just say, he gets this from his father.

 He is funny.
Laugh out loud funny.
He can make me laugh so hard I cry; he does this on purpose.
I miss his quick dry humor when he’s at school.
He is a joker though too.

 He and his father together, dreaming up ideas, is maybe not the best of combo’s…
they get a little wild eyed and start grinning and then you know..
uh-oh…watch out…crazy ideas ahead.
But oh, they have fun.

He is a loyal friend, long lasting.
His friends are not made in an instant, but they are well chosen.

 They mean the world to him.
As does, I believe, his family…
even his sibs…

because he believes in the value of family…
even when it makes him nuts.
And we do.

He is talented:
creative, as a problem solver, a tinkerer, as well as with music.
He writes and produces music that can make me cry,
or make me wonder where does that come from?

 He is thinking of paths:
Somehow, all three?
It’s anyone’s guess….
He is able.
He is one that is able to get along, get there, make it work, work it out.
Those may sound like vague and odd things to mark…
but as a mom, they are key.
They provide me with comfort, knowing he can be ok.
Better, knowing he can thrive.

Even so, no matter how able..
he lives mostly at college now.

 And I miss him.
We miss him.
I am sending him his requested cake.
I will make him another for a post-finals bday party at home.
Where we will finally celebrate this boy’s bday properly, this young man’s bday..
he is 19 now.
A young man.
And one of the finest I know.

Happy Happy Bday Booboo.
No matter how old, I reserve the right to call you that.
No one else  has it. 
But I do.
We are so proud of you on this, your 19th bday.
We love you so.