>Happy Bday Happy New Year!


Happy New Year and Happy Bday to my beautiful, best and only sister!!
Happy Birthday Nancy!

What a way to start the year off right: to be able to wish my big sis a happy bday – for all the world (or handful of blog readers) to see and hear.  I love my sister!

I wish I was there to walk to the bagel store and yak along and buy some hot coffee and bagels to go;
blowing on the hot coffee and trying not to spill as we laughed and mosied back to her house, stealing time together before we were dunked back into the pool of loud happy kids at her house. 

I wish we could go to the spa and sit in the sauna and talk about girl stuff, then go across the street to Border Grill and have margaritas and mexican food. 
I wish we could shop and she could scold me on my frumpy fashion sense as I teased her about her ridiculous shoes, while secretly coveting the fabulous ones. 

I wish we could read the paper and watch the LA news, mocking the weather girls, and tssking about the current crop of teen movie star wannabees…in her quiet early morning kitchen before the kids found us up.
I wish we could solve all the family’s and world problems as we drove around Santa Monica, sidestepping the political potholes and just watching the world go by.

I miss her. 
I think she  misses me.
I have one sister who shared my bedroom and ignored me and my dramas as I grew up…but she means everything to me.
I idolized her and wanted to be just like her.
When we get together the energy level skyrockets, then we both crash in happy exhaustion.
She has my back and I have hers.
We will call each other out, but also cheer each other on.
We are so different, in so many ways.
But she’s my sister and wish I could give her big bday hugs in person.
I can’t, but I’ll do my best to in cyberspace and over the phones.
And we’ll take a rain check on the spa and margaritas!

Happy Happy Bday Nancy pants!
I love you tons and tons!


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