>Success! a la Goldberg….


What do our modern healthcare industry via the insurance companies and Rube Goldberg have in common?
Cmon…think about it…
Ok, I’ll tell you: EVERYTHING!

That said, I’d like to crow and shout a success.  We did it!
See that post, just below? Go ahead, look at it, scan it over if you haven’t, read it closely…it’s a tale to make you shudder.  I’ll wait.

Ok.  Now that  you’re caught up.
We did it!
I am at my desk looking at the letter – the one that says they are gonna cover Sarah’s Lamictal.
We did it!

We jumped through those hoops and swung through the pits and climbed the piles of bureaucratic machinations….and out popped this letter, weeks later.
More precisely, perhaps we fussed enough at the right people we waited for their “process,” dotted the “i’s,” crossed the “t’s”, pestered the managers, bothered the doctors, chatted with the secretaries, and then fumed on blog.
So, I’m not sure it was due to any of our efforts; rather it might well have been simply the right turn of the right cog of a cumbersome machine…..
But I feel like, for once, the little guy, or, to be precise, THIS little girl…won.

She won the right to be kept safe and sound and on the meds that work.
I could just about cry….
except I’m still more than peeved at the cumbersome ridiculousness of the process and the bureaucratic morass that is health insurance coverage.
And we still have at least two other letters sitting on my desk to pursue and leap into the machine of prescription review…..but those letters are not about life threatening changes, they are just about trying to pinpoint who has the right to, um, prescribe: the doctor or the bureaucrat.
I betcha you can guess what MY vote is……  But that’s a whole ‘nother post, or  not, and it’s not what I want to shout out today.

Today, this young girl gets her meds.  Ok, she gets ’em every day, regardless, but today, the coverage we’ve had and paid dearly for, will actually continue to cover those meds (at least a decent copay) instead of getting pulled.
I’ll take any victory as it comes and celebrate it, life’s too short to not.

To switch my analogies: I feel a bit like Charlie Bucket.

Not that I should.
I shouldn’t, but I do.
I hate soulless miscreants and bureaucratic Goldberg machines……but I love a win.
Even if it’s one that should be a given.
I’m a happy mom tonight.  
Score one for the common girl!