>Happy Bday Dad!

>It’s my Dad’s birthday!
He’s a still going strong 79!

I can’t tell you how much I wish I was there with  him, to hug him and peruse the paper over good strong hot coffee…
to discuss the merits of coffee and coffeemakers…

(Yeah, we Mahan’s really appreciate some good donuts!)
to drive down to VG’s donuts as we discuss the merits of really great donuts…

to bring all the loot (Read; donuts.  Yep. We throw those diabetic worries to the wind on these rare mornings…ahem….) back to the house and wait for Mom to wake and pad out to the kitchen and join us…
and continue our lazy morning pondering.

I wish I could discuss the latest books we’ve read, what we liked, why, what we didn’t and why….
solve life’s ongoing problems,
plan the futures of all the grandkids,
fine tune the lives of the siblings,
generally save the world – all from our comfy spot on the stools around the kitchen counter.

I would make him tamales and pour him some wine,
we’d discuss why Notre Dame’s team is gonna get better even though he is unconvinced.
But we’d watch today’s bowl game today anyhow, I’d shout and he’d tsk at the fumbles and shake his head.
I know my sister would show up and we would all get a bunch of laughs and Dad would get more bday hugs.
We would all agree that hanging out for a quiet birthday is simply and truly the very best way to spend New Year’s Eve; that there is no other place we’d rather be.
We’d both start nodding off in front of the television,
and I’d peck his cheek as he got up to head to bed, shaking his head at the goofy dogs he his “housing” for my brother {but that he secretly likes quite a bit}.
He would pat my head goodnight.

I’d wish him one more happy bday, and wish him goodnight.
Because I love him.
He’s my dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I hope all your birthday wishes come true!
Sending you birthday hugs and wishes and prayers from the south!

2 thoughts on “>Happy Bday Dad!

  1. >Happy Birthday, Mr. Mahan!! I hope you have a great day. And, just for your birthday, I'm gonna offer to babysit for Michele and in in return I'm blackmailing her to come back to Carlsbad(with me)….just a little gift for you and me!


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