>Count down to lent….

>It’s almost here. Lent that is.

Georgia O’Keefe

 I always end up doing loads of Catholic posting in this season because, lets face it, it’s an intense season!
It’s supposed to be. 

But this last few days of Ordinary Time I’m thinking a lot about lent and my preparations for lent and such….

Just in case you are too, here is a link to the annual mega post on all things Lenten….from the terrific Aggie Catholic.
If you have any questions at all about Lent, serious or silly, the answers are there.
If you want to brainstorm on ideas for Lenten undertakings and activities, the ideas are there.
If you need inspiration or new ideas….go there.
Wanna be inspired and here some good thoughts in a video about the whole deal?
Yeah, you get the idea…go there
No one does the Lenten Mega Resource Post better.

You all know I’ll end up posting about my Lenten efforts and ideas and, um, failures….I can’t help it. 
But until then, WAKE UP!
Lent approaches……

See you in the desert!

3 thoughts on “>Count down to lent….

  1. >You know, I am not Catholic. But the older I get, and the more I experience faith that is my own, the more I realize the beauty of the Catholic Church in the liturgical year and practices such as Lent.Great resource. Considering what I am being called to do for Lent.


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