Twenty times, my Jon

Happy Happy Birthday to my boy, my second born son, my Booboo!

You are twenty!!

And I know that you’re in finals and you’re swamped….and that you want to take a raincheck, or an exam-check, on your birthday until you are home to celebrate properly.  And we will.  But, even so, you have to know that today I am thinking about you, remembering your birth, the day, the entire crazy morning…and I’m sitting here doing it with a grin.  I’ve said my morning prayers for your birthday intentions, you’ll be in my heart and head and prayers all day long.  I can’t wait until you’re up so I can call you, but out of deference to your age (did I mention, it’s 20?!?!?) I will wait until a more reasonable hour when I’m sure you’re awake.  How about around noon?

I’ve said all your birthday wishes and notes before.  But, I can’t  help it, I’ve gotta post something for you, for this momentous day.  So, without further ado, yes, you guessed it, twenty things about you, my Jon, in no particular order of rank, on your birthday:

  1. I love it that  you are so creative.
  2. and so musical and I get to listen to you play.
  3. and that  you have so much fun being a DJ and it makes me grin that you’re so successful at it.
  4. I love it that you have a mind that is always scheming,
  5. even when it also kind of worries me.
  6. I figure you will always land on your feet
  7. because you have crazy sharp common sense and savvy
  8. and let’s face it, you were an old man the day you were born.
  9. You have such a soft compassionate heart
  10. that you hide from most
  11. though you have a harder time hiding your keen sense of justice
  12. and your eyes to see the littler ones.
  13. You are an amazing big brother
  14. and we count on  you to be that, more than you might realize.
  15. You can make me laugh til I cry
  16. which is one of my favorite things.
  17. You love babies and dogs
  18. and, perhaps not surprisingly, they love you back (they are natural good judges of character!)
  19. You seek the truth, no matter what
  20. and have the heart to go there, wherever you find it.

And it’s not part of the list, because it’s way too big for that…but we love you and are so very proud of you, today and every day.  We miss you and cannot wait to hug you in person.  In the meantime, enjoy your birthday cake (I hope it arrives in good, delicious, shape!).

Happy Happy Birthday My Jon, Happy 20!

We hope all your birthday wishes come true….and we love you so……