The Perfect Job?

So, my eldest daughter has gotten her first job.

I’m so proud!


However, in reviewing the job description of this first job, her dad and I have to laugh. Because our girl, she is clearly a genius.

Our girl, in finding her FIRST job has cleverly managed to land herself the PERFECT first job, for her.

How’s that you might ask? Well, let’s review. Most first jobs are of the service sort: working in fast food, child care, baggers at the supermarket, mowing lawns, walking dogs, taking tickets, bussing tables, hostessing and leading to tables, hanging up clothes from dressing rooms and straightening racks in stores. All good jobs. Heck ANY job is a good job! The usual starters are all honorable and necessary work, and indeed, the first jobs that her dad and I had were among these. These are any and all the sort of jobs that we had in mind when we ordered gently suggested to our daughter that this summer, a job was a must good idea.

Not to be outdone in the good luck department, she found a job as a lifeguard at our local YMCA.

Let’s read that again. She found a job as a lifeguard. At a pool.

  • So, no, she will NOT be bussing tables or asking if you’d like fries with that.
  • She will NOT be wearing a silly hat or a polyester retro off color uniform top.
  • She will NOT be politely handing out tickets or drinks, smiling til it hurts.

Nope, she’s landed herself a “Bossy job.”

  • She gets to wear a cute bathing suit (she says it’s not, but …. de facto: at 16, every bathing suit is cute).
  • She gets to wear a cute visor and cool shades.
  • She gets to cultivate a tan and has cute supervisors.
  • Not only does she NOT have to ask “would you like fries with that?” and smile til it hurts….she gets to glare at the small annoying children from her perch on high.
  • She gets to point her finger at them and say “Hey, you kids, knock it off!” (she might need to be slightly more tactful on the job, but that’s her home version).
  • She GETS A WHISTLE, for pity’s sake!

Read that again. My 16 year old daughter, for her first job ever, has gotten a job where she gets to wield a whistle and boss people around.

So I ask you: Is she a mad genius and has found the perfect job….


is it the end of the world as we know it?

Consider it wisely…..but, in the meantime, make sure you walk in the pool zone.