>I love happy endings


Freed French-Colombian hostage
Ingrid Betancourt hugged Pope Benedict on Monday

I have been following this story over the past few months, and it’s riveting. This is a wonderful, happy ending. It makes me smile, when she talks of hugging the Pope and protocol…somehow, I don’t think he minded. I think I would end up doing the same thing, I do it every time with our dear Bishop. Lastly, the Pope points out that her prayer was the right kind, the kind it’s so easy to forget:

‘He heard you because you knew how to ask. You didn’t ask for a miracle to be
freed yourself, instead you asked to understand what was His will.’

Just a nice read to start to the day. Again, at Deacon’s Bench, go read.



Photo by frangrit: Flikr

Bricks are falling around here.
For those who know, it surprises us too, yowch.
But this was one of them on Sunday, in addition to the homily at Mass, which pretty much mirrored our dinner conversation the night before. Oof.

I’m off to buy a few hardhats….I’m just saying….