It flies.
Birthdays zip around and around.
You have a cute funny baby boy who looks like this.
And then he grows up. Just like that. Whew!
It’s my son’s birthday today!
Happy Happy Birthday Buddybug!First child, big brother, goofy, happy, strong willed, precocious, sweet.
Smart, kind, good, musician, world traveler, faithful.
This is the first time you are not home with us for your birthday.
You are flying too, on to the adventures ahead;
now in your second college year and thriving.
Our birthday wishes for you remain the same:
a happy, healthy, fun birthday and year to come;
growth in grace, peace, holiness, and knowledge
(especially that knowledge part, um, don’t forget to study!).

I will offer my Mass for you today honey.
I am thankful this day, the day you were born, nineteen years ago.
(and fall break….I’ll make you that graham cracker cream pie!)
God bless you.
We are SO proud of you.
We all love you so much.

Have some cake!

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