>Feast Day: The Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael

It’s another Feast Day!
It’s the Feast of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael.

Now, yeah, this is yet another Catholic Feast. Brace yourself, we are coming into the calendar season just chock full of Feasts. No wonder I love this time of year, full of special days, feasts, memorials, birthdays…all running right up to the very special season of Advent. (But that is for another post, in the future). Today, this Feast of the Archangels: I love this feast and I love the archangels as well. How can you not? They are always involved in the best of the stories and events from the bible. They are God’s own top notch messengers, the A-team, if you will.

St. Michael is a fantastic comfort, he is the protector and guardian for us and prince of the messengers. He is the ultimate warrior for Christ. It he who I call on for extra protection when we are frightened, waking from dreams that disturb, or to comfort one of my kids, or heck, even me when I get scared or nervous. St. Raphael, he is a the one to call on for safe travel, he who traveled with Tobias, both as companion and messenger there too. And of course, St. Gabriel. Obviously, we have a special spot in our hearts for this messenger of God’s will. He was the most special chosen messenger to our Blessed Mother of the divine news of her son, Christ: the Annunciation, the one who got to hear her “fiat.” He was the patron of our own message of God’s will: our own Gabriel Tariku, who now brings the message of God’s love to us, every day.

St. Gabriel Monastery, Ethiopia
This is why we love these Archangels. They do God’s work, always. They are faithful caretakers of us and messengers to us and they bring us the most exciting and comforting message of all, always and ever: of God’s love for us. What’s not to like? So today, we will celebrate their feast and our Gabriel’s patron feast day too!Happy Feast Day!

2 thoughts on “>Feast Day: The Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael

  1. >How appropriate to read about the Archangels on your blog. It started to bring tears to my eyes knowing how you lead by example in putting faith and trust in God’s work. You continue to carry the exciting and comforting message so well.Happy Feast Day!Rebecca


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