>Who’da thunk it? Published!

>Ok, I wasn’t sure it was true but I guess it’s out now and so it is.
Now I have to head to the market and go buy a copy to see it in my own hands…
I have a tiny piece in this month’s issue of Adoptive Families Magazine!
Whod’a thunk it?
Not me. (Ok, they told me about it but still, ya never know till ya know, ya know?)

But of course I want you all to go out and buy copies too so that they will know that people want to read about all this stuff…I’m on p. 17 under my real name, Michele Gautsch, and it’s just a little thing which is good so I don’t get the big head.  But even so.  It’s real and my first and only real world writing.
Best not to make a habit of that….I”m sure.
But go get a copy, ok!?
Fun way to start the week.