Finally, 21!

It’s my Booboo’s birthday! 21!

Oops, maybe now that he’s all officially ‘of age’ and all, I can’t call him that anymore……NAHHHHH.  That’s not gonna happen.  He’s my boy.  No matter how old! Though, I’ll tell you.  This boy, since he was a tiny boy…he’s been an old soul.  He’s always  had a certain gravitas…combined with a wickedly sharp wit.  So funny.  But, even so, this 21 felt a long time coming.  Because really, he’s like a 68 year old man on the inside; complete with cardigan and worn out slippers.

But, on the outside, today…he’s 21!

Jon and his sweet beautiful girlfriend Leslie. Love them!

Unfortunately, he’s also getting SLAMMED by killer engineering finals.  So I don’t know how much big time celebrating there will be going on.  But then again, he’s always been resourceful.  Ahem.  Just stay safe ok, man?

Anyhow, I can’t go off on a tear about all the ways I love this boy.  But you have read the bday posts that came before….so you know.  And if you didn’t, well, you can just know. I LOVE this boy. I am so proud of him.  There just aren’t words to say it well and my fingers would get all crampy doing it.  So, I”m keeping it short and sweet.

We love you Jonjon!

We are SO SO SO proud of you! Not only because you’re doing great and working so hard but because of the core of your character and heart.  Because of the man you have become, and will be.

We wish you the happiest birthday and can’t wait to see you after finals!

Happy 21st birthday Jon Jon.

We love you so.