>Best Christmas Gift Ever!

>Yes, that’s right, it’s Sbird’s Birthday today!
Ten years old, already!Sbird is our Christmas baby!
It’s not always easy to have a Christmas birthday, but we think it’s extra special!
Although it can make it even harder to wait for this big day!Born in Philadelphia, we flew to you during a blizzard, excited and terrified, both, to meet you.
You were my teensiest baby.
The smallest baby I’ve held, period.
We met you at five days old, and you were not even five pounds then.
I fell in love in an instant.
You had your father blinking back tears and saying, “Let me hold her!”
But I wasn’t letting go, not yet.
I couldn’t.
I was falling fast, for this teeny tiny little girl with soft curls and tiny chubby cheeks, I had to hold on.From that moment, you were electric.
You were our “peanut sized package of joy.”
You were funny and a jabberbox (ok, still a talker) and you were inseperable from your sister, Miss M.
You used to tell us what she was saying before she even talked.
And you seemed to get it right!
Even as tiny babies, you shared a Moses Basket and our bed.
You have shared a room since –
And your giggles and scowls and clothes and whispers and tears and toys.You were our best Christmas gift ever, but you are probably each others best gift ever too.
And I think you always will be.You came to us as a Christmas surprise, I think as a literal living reminder of what love means.
You have taught me so much, and keep teaching me the things I need so much to learn:
How to love unconditionally, how to slow down, how to live in the moment, to take one day at a time, to not give up, no matter what.
You are a remarkable child.You have always had a smile that can light up a room like a candle.
And I see you work harder, give more, every day than most of us ever know, or do.
I see your strength, so much in such a tiny wiry little body.
And then I see you fall asleep and am reminded that you are just an amazing sweet small girl, even though you are ten.
Things for you can seem complicated, but they are not, not really.
They are simple in so many ways, in the important ones.
You love your family.
Your family loves you.
You are one of the sisters.
You are a girly girl!
You are a fashion fanatic!
You are crazy creative!
You love a party!
You have a sweet tooth to challenge your mom’s!
You are an early bird like me too.
We love our time in the morning, just the two of us.
You have the biggest brown eyes, and if I remember, I can fall into them again.
And then Dad says, again, “Let me hold her!”
And you giggle and smile and climb on his lap for a Dad hug.
Happy Happy Tenth Birthday Sbird!
We love you so much and are so proud of you!

You are our Christmas baby.
And yes, it makes you extra special;
God knew you were, he sent you to us on Christmas so we would never forget it.

Merry Christmas Birthday Baby!

>Happy Birthday Booboo!


It’s my son’s birthday today!!He is 17.

There is so much to say about this young man, my boy.
I always get all misty on birthdays.
I won’t be able to write coherently, so that’s right…I feel a list coming on!

My biggest baby, literally.
No joke, he was 9 lbs, 9 oz.
I was in false labor for a month.
He is worth every ounce and every second of it.

Always a sleeper, always will be, still one to this day.
Slept through the night at four weeks, woohooo!
Still loves a good nap.
If it’s Sunday and you can’t find him, check the sofa.

He was an old man the day he was born.
Look at those big brown eyes, you can look way deep in there; old eyes.He loves a good soft cardigan, fuzzy slippers and warm shoes.
He has the most serious expression of any of my kids.
Even as a baby, people asked if he was always so somber.
It’s a fakeout.He is one of my funniest kids.
He can make me laugh til I cry.
Clever, dry as a bone humor.
He will catch you off guard and then give a small smirk.

He knows everything.
Because he is 17.
He found out that he knew everything at 16.
He is an adventurer.
An intrepid traveler.
He is a daredevil.
He is always up for a challenge or a dare.
Especially from his best bud, his big brother.
This is one of the reasons I am gray so young.
He too, is a musician.
Creative from the time he was a tot.
An inventor, of images, music, constraptions.
He has made the most amazing constructions, from anything and everything.
He would fill a room with his lego architectural imagining.
He had a (distressing) phase of turning even discards, trash, into wild constructions.
Something of a dreamer really.

Apple off the tree.
He doesn’t always like it, but in so many ways, so much like his father.
Except maybe overall just an even sweeter heart…(no offense coffeedoc! you have a sweet boy, you know it).
Extra smart, plus street smart in the sense of savvy, good common sense.
He can figure most anything out.
Except perhaps in the ways and minds of his sisters.

Faithful. Utter integrity.
His faith is important to him, but not in a showy way, rather in a deep water kind of way.
Plus, he knows his stuff, his faith.
His theological questions and understanding outstrips many I know.
It’s how his mind works.
He likes to come off as a curmudgeon.
But really, more a curmudgeon who loves practical jokes, adventure spy movies, wants to skydive (again, Dad…), and maybe even fly on a rocket to space.
He is a crazy hard worker, a financial whiz, but frugal (yay).
But the most important thing about my boy, this young man:
Is that he has the biggest heart under that teen shell that you’ll ever find.
We are so very proud of him.
We love him so.

Happy happy birthday Booboo!

>Almost Wordless Wednesday


Post Birthday Edition
Ready to get pierced ears…just a little nervous!
Whew! That wasn’t so bad!
Balloons are the best, yeah Dad!
No, not a mohawk, just a goofy pic.
Birthday girl and her Dad. Best stuff of all!

>Happy Birthday Bananas!


Thirteen years ago, in the dark night, just before dawn lit up behind the clouds, I remember the sky opening up with thunder and lightening and rain, to accompany your early morning birth.
Even nature wanted to announce your arrival!
Then there you were, a perfectly beautiful little girl, in my arms, to my everlasting joy.
And your father, he learned, instantly, what it meant to have a daughter!
And yes, you were our only baby with crazy colic, but it passed.
And yes, your first word was “up.”
But high intensity people make for very high highs and great passion.
And that is our girl: full of passion and with a huge compassionate heart. Loving, laughing, feeling everything and wanting to see and know the whole big world.
Musical, a great cook, a great helper and sweet, that is you.
Your family and friends mean the world to you,
at the same time as you have a heart to see and serve the world too.
My big girl, growing into big dreams.I love this best of all about you!
Thirteen already, but already growing into an amazing young woman that we are so proud of.
Some dread the teen years. Not me.
I think it’s gonna be a great adventure with you!
We love you so much!
It’s a big day here! I’d better go start the cake!