>Gearing up


So this week I am gearing up.  No, not for Christmas, don’t be ridiculous! I don’t go into overdrive on that until four days before the big day.  We’ve got plenty of time!  Nope, I’m gearing up for a week of meetings with schools.  I’ve been brainstorming with a few good friends (Nora, you’re the best) and consulting with therapists and tutors.  And this week, I’ve got meetings for both Marta and Sbird regarding school and how to meet their needs.

When you have a kid, or two or three, who don’t fit the regulation mold or requirements for regular standard issue schools, you have to plot and plan on how to make things work.  You have to consult brainstorm and pray to figure out solutions that are positive and scenarios that will support your kid’s needs and how they can learn where they are at.  ADHD, school delays, language barriers…this is just a few of the hurdles.  And so, as a mom, you “put on your cape,” strap on your armor, and you set up meetings.  You go prepared to be charming, persuasive, as well as firm and clear headed.  You brace for battle and hope for miracles.

And so I am.  I will be praying through this week, hoping for great solutions and brave hearts and minds, willing to try something new and different.  If you have a mind to pray, I’d appreciate prayers for this as well (if you remember in the midst of the festive preparations).  And while I hate to beg again for prayers, we have so often, I will.  Because I have some research to sift through, others to present to those in charge.  Because I will go to the mat for my kid(s).  I will beat the bushes for tutors and helpers and beat on principal’s doors (nicely but firmly).  I will try to open some eyes to new possibilities, not only for my kids but to open a few doors that have been shut too long.

It would be a miracle but we need some new options after the new year.  And this week, I’m gonna see if we can’t make some  headway into making one, or a few, of those become real.  And that would be the best Christmas present of all.

>Hunting we will go

>College hunting, that is.

So Booboo and I just got home, late last night, from a whirlwind college scouting trip to Providence College.

We are exhausted. But it was a good trip, just me and my boy and we had fun. We gathered a bunch of info to start building that college search base: which ones did he like, which ones will fit best? Seeing them in person, it all gets a lot more real, real quick: easier to visualize, easier to make choices, put together pieces of the puzzle that is choosing a college.

I love the town of Providence! He liked it too, it’s a fun place. {Although he pointed out, it’s much faster, more intense up here. I laughed and said, yup.} It makes me want to go back to college and stay there: PC, Brown, RISD (oh, if only I had the talent to get in there, I never would have wanted to leave!). Great fun. We had good food and two long days.

But it was time out of time for me, and for him.

These college hunt trips are so special and with a faint tinge of bittersweet around the edges for me. It gets very real, very fast. These are waning days with my son at home. And we both know it. And it’s thrilling and daunting for both of us.

So we sit out in the sun, having an easy yummy lunch before we head back to the airport for the long trip home (and boy, was it a loongg trip home: Philly airport connection, ’nuff said!). And we talk, and we laugh, and I listen to him and look deeply at this young man beside me, handsome and funny, goofy and bright, full of ideas and dreams. And I close my eyes for a minute and lift my face to the sun and breathe deep. Life is so good and we are so blessed with this special son; now and as he ventures forth into his new adventures, all too soon.
So, yeah, we are both tired from our trip. But it was worth all the delays and travel crazies. One down (well, two officially), some more to go as we carve out the time. Now we have some good info for the journey. His big journey, coming down the pike.