Across the Pond

My girl is flying away today….for three weeks.

She is heading across the pond on a student exchange program.  Officially, she is a Loughlin Scholar.   She goes to Britain for three weeks, paired with a girl student buddy from the partner school, living with the family of the student buddy.

St Edwards School. Whoa.

Later, the same buddy comes here to stay with us for three weeks, same deal but reversed.  This is a great program, her brother Jon did it before her and it was a great experience all around. But even so, it’s her first time away from the family for more than one night.  Which means of course that she is chomping at the bit to go and we are excited for her but dreading having her gone.  And while she has spent time with celebrities and such…

….this living with a completely different family, strangers, is a whole new gig.  Can she do it? Sure, she’s got the social skills when she feels like it – typically much more in evidence when she’s not skulking around our own house on her regular loop: bedroom, kitchen, piano room, sunroom.

I fear she will be homesick, but know it’s good for her in it’s own way.  We will be daughter-sick, missing her terribly.

Anyhow, today she flies with her school group.  I would appreciate any prayers you might throw her way.  I pray for her to be happy, healthy, safe and sound – to have fun and be comfortable with her own self in this new group of Brits.  Because, she’s my girl, I think I miss her already.

>Hunting we will go

>College hunting, that is.

So Booboo and I just got home, late last night, from a whirlwind college scouting trip to Providence College.

We are exhausted. But it was a good trip, just me and my boy and we had fun. We gathered a bunch of info to start building that college search base: which ones did he like, which ones will fit best? Seeing them in person, it all gets a lot more real, real quick: easier to visualize, easier to make choices, put together pieces of the puzzle that is choosing a college.

I love the town of Providence! He liked it too, it’s a fun place. {Although he pointed out, it’s much faster, more intense up here. I laughed and said, yup.} It makes me want to go back to college and stay there: PC, Brown, RISD (oh, if only I had the talent to get in there, I never would have wanted to leave!). Great fun. We had good food and two long days.

But it was time out of time for me, and for him.

These college hunt trips are so special and with a faint tinge of bittersweet around the edges for me. It gets very real, very fast. These are waning days with my son at home. And we both know it. And it’s thrilling and daunting for both of us.

So we sit out in the sun, having an easy yummy lunch before we head back to the airport for the long trip home (and boy, was it a loongg trip home: Philly airport connection, ’nuff said!). And we talk, and we laugh, and I listen to him and look deeply at this young man beside me, handsome and funny, goofy and bright, full of ideas and dreams. And I close my eyes for a minute and lift my face to the sun and breathe deep. Life is so good and we are so blessed with this special son; now and as he ventures forth into his new adventures, all too soon.
So, yeah, we are both tired from our trip. But it was worth all the delays and travel crazies. One down (well, two officially), some more to go as we carve out the time. Now we have some good info for the journey. His big journey, coming down the pike.

>Our Family


Just kidding!

Really, only the people behind us in the grocery store think so…really.

I’ll post a few real pics shortly so you can get an idea of who you are reading….this one was from this years March for Life in D.C.