>Sunday: skateboards for the pope?

Well, you know what I love? That there is always a connection. I have found an article that will bring a smile to my kids, especially my Booboo. It’s one of those quirky asides from this serious Papal visit. That’s Little Man on the skateboard over there. Booboo’s skateboard days are on hold for a few months, ahem….crutches. But this is fun and kind of cool…if you like art or skateboards.

It’s a Papal Skateboard Contest! No, no, not for the Pope to be skating the ramps himself (although there’s an image!), but for the skateboard design/art to include his coat of arms and the theme “Christ our Hope.”

Now, I think this is cool. Many, if not most, skateboard artwork leans very far into that whole kind of goth death destruction too cool to care in your face kind of artwork. This is a welcome change. Fun. Go see!

Image above courtesy of Knights of Columbus.


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