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I just put Gabriel to bed. It takes a bit of time nowadays, but that’s ok. But as I sat in the rocking chair with him, for the second time (after the first unsuccessful laying him down)…I realized something that made me smile.

I have a new definition.
Not really new, but one I hadn’t really scanned into this version of the Webster’s….

You see, Gabe really is into his blankie lately. He is a very tactile kid. He likes to feel it next to his face and rub the nubby and soft texture. So, as you might guess, we have a number of blankies for him. He has definite favorites.

Tonight, he reached for me, not quite ready for sleep. We settled back into the rocker just so…me so I wouldn’t spaz my back, Gabe so his one arm was behind me and the other in front and him nestled in, like a big squeeze hug, just so. And I realized, again, as he nuzzled in and sighed…that I am his living security blanket.

I know, this is not a news flash. And yet, it made me smile. Maybe I’m just tired tonight. Sbird and Little Man gave me a run for the money today, they can take fussing and defiance to a new art form some days.
Now, I’ve been called a ‘wet blanket’, certainly. And I really do kind of fit the criteria for a good blankie: kind of old and nubbly, faded, worn around the edges, certainly plenty soft and mushy, I smell pretty good (I hope, although even that, like other blankies, isn’t always happening), and I am always ready to wrap myself around this baby and let him nestle in, pushing and tugging to make it/me fit just right.

So, I’m a security blanket now, or, well, again.
An old soft mushy blankie. Who knew?
He’s got plenty of others too, both the woven and living variety….
But it seems I’m one of the favs…and that makes me very very happy.