>Ahh, this is when I know it’s autumn, for real. This is when my heart lifts and sings – no matter how crazed the week has been or how hectic, stressed or moody.

When the maple outside my window turns to flame, my heart and soul, too, set on fire with dizzy color saturated contentment. I love autumn.

4 thoughts on “>Autumn

  1. >Lori, I would love your house! Just for those trees! I grew up in the desert and so these just colors and this season – still, even after all these years here – make me a bit giddy. M

  2. >I think these amazing, flaming red trees are God’s reminders of his famous burning bush. That he is THAT God, still here, still involved. And he shows us these beauties many, many times each fall. Once, I even think I caught him waving at me through the leaves. Enjoy his display!


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