>We have lift off


Our dossier is on the way!

It is flying to DC for final federal authentications and then on to Addis Ababa for translation and then down to work. I know, this is all still about waiting. But as I said before, the way for me to get through the long haul of any adoption process is to celebrate, mark, and be happy for each little step ahead. This is one step closer to our daughter. We’ll take every step we can get in this marathon! (Why yes, I am task oriented, why do you ask??)

So, I have “Up, Up, and Away” (yeah, the 5th Dimension, yeah, I dated myself again..sigh) as my soundtrack of the afternoon…. It’s one more thing to be thankful for in this holiday week.

6 thoughts on “>We have lift off

  1. >So thankful for you and for this leap of faith that will change this child’s life forever… you are such an encouragement to all around you… And, of course, you’re very funny. Maybe you should get a cute haircut to mark this waiting period in your life :). happy thanksgiving! becca


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