>Saturday Something for Booboo

>So last week was full of fete!

It was homecoming week and Booboo’s girlfriend was on the homecoming court and queen nominee….so that meant Booboo got to go along for the ride as her escort.

And just because it was a fun weekend for them all, and we don’t always see such happy pics of the teens at this age….I figured I’d throw them up for posterity!

The homecoming game was a win (of course, they are planned that way) and a good time was had by all, Marta was thrilled with seeing her brother and her favorite teen gal on the field.

Then the next night was homecoming dance and well, looks like a big time was had by all!

Look closely, just below, see that huge grin on my boy, smack in the center? (w/ his arm around a buddie’s neck?) …I”m just saying, we don’t see that grin around the house so much….hmmmmm. This is one of those pics that makes me laugh because in twenty years it will make them all laugh and groan at how young and goofy and wonderful they all are. Slice of high school life, classic.

Booboo doesn’t make the blog as much, trying to respect his request for privacy and all…but, Booboo, this one is for you!