Rumour has it that this guy, the cute one with the beard above, is heading home!  The team has caught up on all the orthopedic work in and around (folks were coming from hours around, very cool, and they were very glad to help) Jacmel and another orthopod is arriving today as well.  So, it seems it’s time to come home.  We are glad. 

He has to wait at the Jacmel, Haiti airport for a plane and then talk them into a ride, wherever they might be going.  With luck, that will be Florida.  With a little less luck it might be the Dominican Republic.  With crazy luck it might be Nassau and then we will have to coax him back off the beach!  Anyhow, that’s the rumour.  In fact, he is at the Jacmel airport with the team now.  So, not telling the kiddles yet, so as not to get hopes up.  But mine are!

And, just in the nick of time, if it happens.  As that other cute boy in the ND sweatshirt, above, my Buddybug….he’s heading out for Rome to study for a semester early Friday morning.  And I just know his dad would love one more hug before he goes.