>And Now We Are Six. Happy Bday Little Man!


Happy Happy Birthday my Little Man!
You are six years old today!

And, this year your birthday lands on Superbowl Sunday! How cool is that?
You get all the birthday fun and all the Superbowl fun and football and football food, all together.
Sounds almost like a birthday wish come true.

Oh my boy….
You’ve been waiting, impatiently, for your sixth birthday.
Jumping and hopping with excitement just thinking about it.
I think you know it’s going to be an especially good sort of year.

When you are six,
you get to do cartwheels in the hallways,
and talk after bedtime with  your brother
and have jumping contests off the stairs
until your mom hollers at you to stop.
You have car races in the foyer,
and wrestling matches in the study,
practice roaring like a dinosaur with your brother,
and pester your big sisters until you all get in trouble.

Outside is for snowballs
and sleds
and bikes
and worms
and cannonballs
and skateboards
and finding the perfect stick.

You love to run fast,
jump high,
shout loud,
laugh hard,
and flop down on the ground to catch  your breath,
before you jump up to chase your brother again.

You love to eat.
Most anything.
But especially, pizza and cheeseburgers,
pancakes and eggs,
french fries and grilled cheese,
pasta and chicken fingers,
and more cookies,
most anything, really…
as long as it doesn’t have peanut butter in it.
Because peanuts and peanut butter are just gross.

You don’t like chores, but you know how to do them when you set your mind to it.
You don’t like homework, but you love school.
You think Miss Thompson is the “greatest kindergarden teacher in the universe.”
I think she is too.
You like to try out new words like “spectacular” and “ridiculous.”
You wonder if I can make you an eye doctor appointment, so you can get yourself “some laser eyes.”
You don’t like thunder or bad dreams, but like being able to snuggle back to sleep.
You don’t like bedtime, but do like singing “Hail Holy Queen” with mom every night.
And you say, “We sound good.”
I think so too.

Oh my six year old son.
I love you so.
We all love you so much and can’t imagine this family without your big happy grin and loud bouncing running joking you.
You are happy and cuddly and smart and full of life and full of love.

Being six is kind of magic and especially wonderful.
There was a special writer named A.A. Milne.
He said it best, about being six:

Now We Are Six – 

When I was one, I had just begun, 
When I was two, I was nearly new, 
When I was three, I was hardly me, 
When I was four, I was not much more, 
When I was five, I was just alive, 
but now I am six, 
I’m as clever as clever, 
So I think I’ll be six now and forever. 

Author A.A. Milne

Happy Happy Birthday Little Man!
We are so glad you are six!