>Unshaken: Look again

>It’s World Water Day.
And it’s still lent.

Which means, as we are traveling through the far side of the desert and are feeling all “parched”…this day and what it means, in real tangible, corporeal life, is oh so apropos.
It’s World Water Day.
People are Thirsty.
Not only for renewal of their heart and soul…but truly, literally, thirsty for clean safe water.
I really like this charity. They do good work, and thus, I want to show you this, today.

Please watch, open your hearts, it’s Lent.  We are called to care.  We are called to give alms…and what better way than to provide safe water where we can.  That is what lent is all about.
Look, again.  Haiti needs us.  Look, they are thirsty. Help.

Unshaken – charity: water’s campaign for Haiti from charity: water on Vimeo.
Lent is waning, Easter beckons…..

3 thoughts on “>Unshaken: Look again

  1. >Hey, I have been thinking about this issue too! I am happy to report my students raised $ for haiti and donated to UNICEF for safe water kits.It was just after the hurricane.So we'll all keep working to improve these conditions. Thanks for keeping the issue at the forefront.Raina

  2. >forgive me if I sound insulting, I truly don't mean to. I just recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia where part of my main focus was learning about the water problems and one of the things I learned is that OVER 50% of water projects fail within the 1st year. This is mainly due to charities like Charity Water who sink wells and walk away – the idea is great but the lack of education for the local communities leads to huge problems. I learned that the charities that make a difference teach hygiene and sanitation, even forming committees, they teach some of the local men how to fix the pipes, taps, etc. that break often and they allow the locals to have a stake in the project by having them do the labor in preparation for the well… Please check out Water1st.org. They do not sink as many wells but the ones they do sink last and change generations of people. I hope you don't mind my 2 cents… I once supported Charity Water too. Now I know that as great as their videos are they need to change their delivery in Ethiopia to make the real difference we all know Ethiopia needs!God bless you!

  3. >Kristin, thanks for the comment! I am sorry to hear that Charity:Water isn't doing followup…I thought they did. If it is true that they don't put in sustainable wells, by locals, w/ the sufficient training and using simple sustainable systems…then I will investigate your link and also others who do. Hopefully, Charity:Water does/will or will revamp and begin to do so.Either way, the awareness of need for good safe water is key and worth finding the folks who do a good job and can help make this happen. Thanks for helping raise awareness! bless you. M


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