>The Road to Connections

>I’m hitting the road today, with a car full of teen girls from our little parochial school.  I’m taking the eighth graders and Marta (I hope) up to Youth 2000, a Catholic youth retreat.  I’m the chaperone (for the girls anyhow)!  No, it’s not in New York, they hold these around the country (possibly in spots around the world, not sure).  But the video below is a good glimpse of what we’ll be doing this weekend…

I’ve been to a few of these and also helped put one on at our local high school a few  years ago and I will say, they are awesome.  They get the kids fired up.  Even better, the kids get to drop their guard and connect.  
They connect to their friends, but also to their faith, their prayer, their deepest truest heart.  

 These Youth 2000 Retreats always have a great band, great music, great talks, great kids and best of all, the great wonderful compelling Fransiscan Friars of the Renewal.  I love these guys!  They are so full of joy and fun and life and are young and happening and folks (ok, me) tend to want to follow them around like puppies.  Compelling.  

It should be a wonderful, intense, exhausting, fun weekend.  I am looking forward to it!  So, please keep the girls and I in your prayers that we have a wonderful weekend, rich in prayer and connections…to each other and to our faith.