>Unshaken: Look again

>It’s World Water Day.
And it’s still lent.

Which means, as we are traveling through the far side of the desert and are feeling all “parched”…this day and what it means, in real tangible, corporeal life, is oh so apropos.
It’s World Water Day.
People are Thirsty.
Not only for renewal of their heart and soul…but truly, literally, thirsty for clean safe water.
I really like this charity. They do good work, and thus, I want to show you this, today.

Please watch, open your hearts, it’s Lent.  We are called to care.  We are called to give alms…and what better way than to provide safe water where we can.  That is what lent is all about.
Look, again.  Haiti needs us.  Look, they are thirsty. Help.

Unshaken – charity: water’s campaign for Haiti from charity: water on Vimeo.
Lent is waning, Easter beckons…..