>Lets Talk Chocolate!


cc photo by Kirti Podar
This is a frivolous post about a serious subject: chocolate. Well, maybe not so frivolous after all.  Folks get pretty worked up over chocolate loyalties and the almost primal memories and reactions it dredges up.  So, we all love chocolate right? Right.  Ok, maybe not all of us, and if not, then this post probably isn’t for you….unless you are of a mind to thrill someone you know who is especially nice and deserving of a faboo treat.  Then, by all means, read on!
Tis the season…by which I mean, Lent – almost Easter.  And while Lent is now in it’s most difficult phase – the last week and the beginning of Holy Week –  it is also high time to do some prep work for the fun part.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about: the chocolate!
Here is my feeling about chocolate.  It’s practically divine.  And if you’re gonna indulge, just like with most anything but especially ice cream and chocolate, for heaven’s sake indulge in the good stuff!  Don’t waste the money effort guilt and calories on the kind of pasty mouthy filmy stuff.  Now, that’s just my opinion, but still…unless you are gonna possibly, right now, hurt someone for a choco fix and need something immediately, wait for the best. It’s worth it!  {And yes, I am diabetic but gosh, that sweet dark chocolaty goodness calls to me, with the choir of  most sugary yummyness joining in, all the time.  I can’t help it, this craving. I can only work hard against it, and fail too often….}
That said, here is something I have to put out there.  Two things, actually:  
First: See’s candy for Easter baskets, the jelly bird eggs (Ok, I know, not chocolate, but SOOO Easter), and the Scotchmallows….May very well be the best candy ever!!  
Just.  Yum. 

Second: Here is my not so secret secret score for the best caramels: Monastery Chocolates.  Oh my goodness.  If you like just a simple pure chocolate covered caramel, well, these babies are for you.  I can’t resist them.  (I think the dark chocolate is best, IMHO ).  They are very simple, don’t look too fancy, but they are just about perfect.  Which makes total sense as they are made by lovely Sisters, in the Monastery (hence the name, it’s real)…who have ample time to also hold up the world in prayer AND perfect these taste treat delights.
What’s not to love?
So, I’m just saying….these are the best for pure caramel yumminess.  The scotchmallows are the best for pure Easter delight (ok anytime, really, hint hint).  And I just kinda had chocolate on my mind this morning.  
‘Nuff said. 
Dear Lori talked recently about “joyful things.”  These are some of my tasty tangible ones. 
Enjoy, or prepare to enjoy, Easter approaches!