>Great minds work together…

>….and can accomplish great things.

To that end, I am giving a shout out to the whole adoption community: the families, the parents, the kids (young or grown), the pros, the educators….the ones in the trenches.

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That’s what’s happening around here.
We want your ideas, requests, wishes…..what do you need, what do you want, what do you wish you could find when you’re talking about resources AFTER you come home with your child?

My good friend and fabulous social worker is frustrated with the lack of extended post adoption resources around here, and, really, in general. Not only for the immediate post adoption needs…but the ones that are harder to pin down sometimes, the long term ones too. Because that cute little baby or toddler is gonna grow up into a middle schooler, a preteen, ack, a teen, and eventually an adult!

Please don’t slough this off just on the placing agencies…think a minute. Goodness, we all know that post placement visits are mandatory and most all agencies are available for those calls of sheer confusion or just needing to check in…or, the ones of desperation. However, most of us don’t make use of that built in resource. If you’re like me, you tend to scavenge around on your own, and then wonder why you keep bumping into walls. I do, anyhow, mostly. And I’m kind of crazy resourceful, in general. So when I start beating the bushes and running into walls…you know there is a lack, a need, a gaping hole that needs to be filled.

Post Adoption Resources. It’s a hole.

Yes, there are books. That’s always a good start.
But I’m talking about someone, a real person or people, who you can connect with on the other end of the line or face to face real life and talk to about any or all questions you might have. Because it’s easy to think that most issues or concerns fit into a tidy slot. But you know, when you’re talking about families and kids, and specifically adoption issues of some kind…often they don’t.
There is no one size fits all.

So, my terrific caring social worker, smart as a whip gal that she is….she wants to build up the resources. She really understands this stuff and it is her passion. As for me, I’m just glad she’s got this idea tumbling around and the determination to make it happen.

So, let’s help.
Please, in the comment box or my email or any which way you know how to reach me, send me your ideas, your wishes, your wants, your “gee why can’t I find this” feelings on what would be great to be able to access in post adoption resources.
It can be anything that strikes you, that’s what brainstorming is all about! Newbie parents, babies, toddlers, but also older kids, older child adoptions, school issues, cultural, medical, etc etc…..throw it out. Our list has already begun, and we want to grow it wide to see if that need can be met and how.

Here are few we already have on the list: Post Adoption Services/Resources:
esl, private/group
mentoring (kid, mom, parents, family)
cultural connections, links
advisor to IEP’s and spec ed
Referral resources for all of the above as well as providing it, plus referral for medical, theraputic, educational, legal, assessment, translation professionals as well.

Any other ideas?
Any other wishes?
Like what you see/what’s on the list now?
Here’s your chance, tell us!<br
Even if it’s just to say “yeah, that tutoring thing-I’ve been looking for that.” Please tell us that too; then we can know what is most wanted too. />
Please, leave a comment, let us know, what you would like to see, locally, nationally, in person or online.
Help us start to fill a hole.

That way we can keep on helping each other.
That’s really why we are all here anyhow, right?