>Gonna buy me a dog…


I know, once again I’ve totally dated myself.  But, hey, the Monkee’s are classic in their own way, right? Right.

Anyhow, we are stepping back to normal life, sort of, this week.
Little Man is still down for the count, but the count is tapering off.  He’s a week out from surgery and his doc assured me yesterday that in a mere couple of days he’ll be a new boy.  Or, at least, back to the old boy.  Let’s hope so, he’s lost at least seven pounds; relative to his six year old body size that’s a lot and he’s looking way too skinny to make mom happy!

So, what does a mom do when she has a boy flat on the sofa for a week, and a paranoia suspicion of mice still about??
She gets a dog!
Not just any dog mind you, but a little girl pup.
Yup, we are getting a pup.
And I just know,
things are looking up!
(Who knew, getting a goofy cute puppy makes the Seuss vibe take off…)

We have high hopes for this puppy, as a mouser to be, as a new family member, as a way to help Marta learn to trust and love us even as she  helps this puppy trust and love us.   Plus of course, a dog will love you no matter your mood and without any strings attached; there’s nothing but good in that, especially if  you’re a teen from hard places.
One more being to love and be loved.

This dog has a big job ahead!
I hope it’s short little legs and small self are up to the task! She’s a piebald dachshund, twelve weeks old.  Looks a bit like a beagle (for now) with very short legs.  My dear pal and my goddaughters assure me this puppy will be a big dog in a small mouser dog body; wriggling happy fun with with a tail.

Coffeedoc thinks I am out of my mind and only grudgingly has conceded.  He’s a good egg though and he’s making his girls very happy.  Sarah and Em are giddy with excitement. Marta did the classic regulation kid begging and promising for this puppy….now, we are not fools, we know those promises will be hard to keep.  But even so, we (Ok, I) think this will be a good idea…or I sure hope so. 
Pictures to follow once she’s home…but for now….this is the soundtrack for today.