>Getting sucked into American Idol

>Yeah, I’m procrastinating from getting a jump on my Monday morning…I know, I know. 

OK, I normally really don’t watch American Idol.  I admit, I have been known to veg out with television after some long days: House, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser.  I can get sucked in.  But American Idol, while a favorite with my girls, is something that I find almost painful to watch, at least in the beginning of the season when they are doing first cuts.  It’s hard for me to watch the really really bad performances; I feel SO bad for the contestant as they are performing and then as they stand there being shredded by the judges.  It’s almost a physical “ow” watching.  So I don’t.

But my Chris tipped me off about this girl.  Said I would be interested in her and she was good and I would want to see how she did.  He was right.  See for yourself.  I love this and will root for her; not only a family I can get behind, but her head and heart are in the right place and she has a great voice.  And she picked a great song.  I hope she goes far. 

>Haiti: Corporate goodness and update


 Pic snagged from Cindy.  But it’s got my Tom.  
On the plane, flying in.  That’s Cindy next to him.  Thanks Cindy!
Got a call from Tom/Coffeedoc last night! Skype is an awesome thing.  We couldn’t  see each other and the connection dropped a bunch of times, was spotty but heck, we talked with each other…caught up on the week.  Fantastic!
I wanted to mention a surprising bit of corporate goodness.  
It doesn’t happen that often, maybe, nowadays and when it does I think it deserves a mention.  Southwest.  Yup, Southwest airlines.  
They did the right thing.
Tom and the team scrambled to get flights down to Ft. Lauderdale in order to meet the private plane down to Haiti. (See earlier post on that fiasco.  Thanks again Mike!) They had less than 24 hour notice to get the flights, gather the food, gear, meds, supplies, change their schedules and get to the airport.  Needless to say, any advance negotiation with the airline didn’t even occur to us.  Doh.  
As we pulled up to the airport, my very large suburban loaded to the rafters, to meet the team that had already offloaded another big load of supplies….we realized, uh-oh, this is gonna cost us.  Will they even be able to get the gear on the plane? Bag limits and all.  But there we were and so we were gonna give it a go and see how it played out.  
Well, it played out brilliantly.  
 By which I mean, a Southwest guy came right over to the car, heard that this was all to take to Haiti, and pulled over a huge luggage cart and started helping us unload the car.  No questions asked.  Helping tape up the tubs, fast.  (And, in typical style, we were very late on arrival, WELL inside that two hour, um, one and half hour window…what can I say, it was a scramble).  
Ernest, the CRNA on the team, came out to meet us (He arrived on time, ahem) and said that Southwest had already taken his big huge load of supplies, happily.  So Ernest, started helping too and we had that car unloaded in record time and they whisked tom inside to check him and all this extra stuff in.  I kissed him hard and said goodbye, holding my breath and beginning to tally a guess at the overcharge.  
Tom called me later to tell me the news:
Not only did Southwest help us out of the car in record time, they took every single box and tub.  They didn’t blink.  And they didn’t charge us a dime.  
They took twenty-three extra tubs and boxes, adding up to a weight of 3/4 ton, and no charge, no trouble, no fuss.  They did it with a smile.  
Now.  That’s corporate goodness worth smiling about and worth a shout. 
Good for them.  
So, go fly Southwest Airlines. 
They are doing their part to help too. Maybe in other ways as well, donating and so on.
But this week, this was a real help, in real time, for real people.
I’ve mentioned that its a logistical nightmare to get down to Haiti to help, much less with almost a ton of supplies and gear.  
But Southwest stepped up and  helped.
And it made a huge difference. 
So, thank you Southwest Airlines!!!
We think you are terrific!

And on another note: Cindy has a terrific update today and some fantastic pics!! (My personal fav, I shamelessly snagged, above)Go see her, it’s a great read to start the morning.

>This is the Plane


Not the greatest pic, it was early and on a phone..but its them.
This is the plane.
This is the plane that took the team to Haiti.
 This is the pilot.
This is the pilot that flew the plane.
This is the pilot that answered the call.
This is the pilot that answered the call, that flew the plane, that took the team to Haiti.
These are (some of) the pallets.
These are the pallets that are part of the supplies.
These are the pallets that are part of the supplies, that were flown by the pilot, that answered the call, to fly the plane, to take the team to Haiti.
This is the team.
(photo h/t: Cindy)
This is the team that went with the pallets, that were flown by the pilot, that answered the call, to fly the plane, to take the team to Haiti.
You get the idea.  (Sorry, it’s been that kind of week, getting punchy.)
It’s a team effort and a logistical nightmare to get a team to Haiti!
But I want to throw out a “hooray for you” and special notice to the pilot here.
He answered a call, at the last minute, for help.
Tom and the team arrived in Fort Lauderdale expecting to fly out early yesterday morning (wed the 27th).  The private corporate jet that was scheduled to take them to Jacmel was snagged by, um, corporate stuff of some sort.  So there they were, w/ over a ton of supplies: 3/4 ton medical, food, etc.
All ready to go.
But no plane no plane!
Finally this pilot came through.
ALL the way from DALLAS!
He flew in, and they were racing the sun.
They had to get the plane loaded and refueled in time to land and take off in Jacmel.  No runway lights in Jacmel, of course.  Well, it wasn’t happening.  The sun was setting.  But this morning, they did it.
They took off.  Cheering all around.
And the other part that no one will ever see is that this pilot, Mike Gibson, will also make a second trip today.  That second trip is just as important as the first.  All those supplies couldn’t fit on that plane, and the team, in one trip.  So he is dropping the first load and the team, returning to Ft. Lauderdale, loading the rest up and flying back to Jacmel.  Today.  Before the sun sets again.  Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it.
Good for him!
Good for him for doing this, at huge personal expense – both time AND money.
So I want to say hooray for him!
If you need a small plane and are in the area,  go use his biz.
I’m thinking he’s a good guy, a good egg.
So, Mike, thank you!
That’s Michel Gibson,  of Michels Aviation
Coffeedoc and the team did!
And I just got a text, they are in Jacmel, Haiti, safe and sound.  
Thanks Mike!