>Getting sucked into American Idol

>Yeah, I’m procrastinating from getting a jump on my Monday morning…I know, I know. 

OK, I normally really don’t watch American Idol.  I admit, I have been known to veg out with television after some long days: House, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser.  I can get sucked in.  But American Idol, while a favorite with my girls, is something that I find almost painful to watch, at least in the beginning of the season when they are doing first cuts.  It’s hard for me to watch the really really bad performances; I feel SO bad for the contestant as they are performing and then as they stand there being shredded by the judges.  It’s almost a physical “ow” watching.  So I don’t.

But my Chris tipped me off about this girl.  Said I would be interested in her and she was good and I would want to see how she did.  He was right.  See for yourself.  I love this and will root for her; not only a family I can get behind, but her head and heart are in the right place and she has a great voice.  And she picked a great song.  I hope she goes far. 

>Ah, shucks

>So. Laura and Christine have “awarded” me this tag….and while I usually ignore all these, I feel a bit scroogelike and ungrateful to not acknowledge them being so nice to link to me and my goofy blog. Actually, I feel a tad like Sally Field being glad someone likes her. Both of these gals have lovely blogs and the ones they tagged are all worth a closer look as well! The best reason for me to put this up is that I now get to list/link to seven blogs that I like very much. Ooohhhh, the choices……like a kid in a candy shop….

Anyhow, first, officially, I get to post the blog award “rules.”
1. Thank the person who awarded me the award, and link that person’s blog on my blog.
2. Identify seven things about myself.
3. Award seven bloggers with the “Kreativ Blogger Award,” post links to their blogs, and leave a comment on each of their blogs, to let them know of the honor. I don’t really know what a “Kreativ blogger” is, so you can just give it to whoever you like!

So without further ado, seven things about myself (Again? in my aging brain fog…I fear I might be being redundant…):
1. I grew up riding horses in the desert of Arizona. I still miss the desert and those long views and that particular beauty.
2. I misplace my glasses ALL the time. I am mercilessly reminded by my children that I have misplaced my sunglasses in the fridge.
3. I thought I’d grow up to be just like Mary Tyler Moore….throwing my beret up in glee in the big city, a cool working gal.
4. I’ve always been easy to tease; it made me suffer somewhat as a child in a big family. Now it makes me laugh.
5. My Grandpa, the only one I ever knew, used to call me “Movie Star.” And it totally embarrassed me but I also kind of loved it.
6. Yes, I have always been rather dull, WAKE UP…the GOOD blog links are coming right up.
7. I never dreamed I’d have eight kids, or live the life I do – much less be happy with it. And that’s the most wonderful hysterical surprise treasure of all.

Ok, and now, in no particular order (Hey, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years….), are seven blog links to blogs that I always check in on….because they make me think, smile, ponder….at any rate, they are worth a click. Check ’em out.

1. Jen at Conversion Diary: Yeah, its a Catholic blog, but its also a mom blog and she is a deep thinker but also blunt and honest and real. I love reading her blog and also with this one you get a two for one deal: she has another blog that is just perfect for those bored procrastinating moments (admit it, we all do it), called appropriately enough: Jennifer’s Favorite Links.

2. Becca, at Albertson Debrief. I love her because she wears her heart on her sleeve and loves fiercely, no matter what. She stands up for what she believes whether or not its considered “pc” and for that, she inspires me.

3. Courtney Rose, at Dandies in the Sunshine. She is another thinker and a feeler and I love to read her writing and her blog, because again it’s real and funny and honest. She’s full of passion and it comes right through the screen.

4. Lori, at The Road to Our Own, because, well, her family is beautiful, their hearts are beautiful. They live this bountiful life and actually seem to be aware of it along the way. That’s rare air. Plus Abe is adorable and she is a special gal.

5. Jen, at Leap of Faith, because she has an awesome family, is very sharp and has a heart that runs deep. She is also witty and savvy; her blog follows the addition of their beautiful Bella (yeah, I know, but that is the good kind of redundant) and just following a functional happy family gives hope in this darkish world.

6. Thankful Mom at A Bushel and A Peck, this blog is one that I track closely because she ‘gets it.’ She has an ongoing series called “My learning curve” that always has great tips and thoughts that are applied to kids who are working through some issues perhaps: attachment and such. But the secret is that these tips and ideas can be applied to any and all kids, each family. I always come away with more to think about or an “aha” moment from her.

7. Zoe, at Chasing Saints. I like to visit Zoe’s blog because, first off, she has the coolest banner going. Go. See. But secondly, she is a mere youngster (ok, to me) but she ‘gets it.” She’s very sharp, she’s on the adoption journey, and she’s a thought-full Catholic who knows her stuff.

Anyhow. I’m honored. I feel a little doofy, but it’s worth it if you go read those blogs. They are worth your time! Happy Thanksgiving!

>Sunday Fun

>This one is for you, BuddyBug!


These guys are the coolest guys we know!! We love them! Especially Brother Max!

Hat tip to Roman Catholic Vocations, Mary’s Aggies, and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.