>Blog travels…

>So, I am guest posting today at one of my favorite blogs: A Bushel and a Peck – One Thankful Mom.
I’m so excited! Her blog is one of my favs and one that I look to for encouragement and inspiration.  Many of you are already old friends with her and her blog, I know.  If not, then it’s high time you high tailed it over there….you need to meet her and her blog.  She is a wise mom and has a big family and thoughtfully works to make that family work as well as it can and be as healthy as it can be.  So, to be succinct, she is a hero.  She just doesn’t really know it  yet.

But I know we’d get along just famously if we only lived closer.  One day I’m gonna sit down over a cuppa joe and gab away with her, I know it.  For now, she’s on a short getaway and she asked me to write a little something for her.  After I stopped clapping with glee, I did.  It’s a post on Guide Dogs: Attachment Version.
Go here to read it, tell her I said hello!

>Bloggy Road Trip

>I am doing a guest post today!  Who’da thunk it!?
No kidding.   Yup, surprised me too..but I’m  honored (and shocked and surprised…another mini “Sally Field” moment).
Lisa at “A Bushel and a Peck” asked me to babysit a post day on her blog while she’s out of town.
So, I’m no fool, I said “You betcha!”

Now if you all haven’t checked out her blog, you should go, right now.  (No, not only to read my post…) You should bookmark it and check it daily, or at least really really often.  She is one of  my daily hits and mom heroes.  She has eleven beautiful kids and is a talented, amazing mom.  She is an inspiration to me; and a great resource both for regular old family stuff, larger family ideas, and also the full spectrum of adoption topics. 

My post today, on her blog, is another about older child adoption and adjustment.  About the dance of older child adjustment.  I’ve written about the dance of waiting, here.   But now that dance has changed.  It’s a very different sort of dance indeed.  Go, read, let me know what you think.  Say hello to Lisa for me and update your blog list if she’s not on it.  You’ll be glad you did.